Moving forward on Moving Out: 5 questions to ask yourself when moving.

Moving out can be a stressful time, but it is also surrounded by the excitement of a new place and a new adventure. However, we know this doesn’t always take away from the hassle of getting there. Too many of us probably dread packing up all of our belongings and figuring out what’s moving with us. But, now there are a few key questions to ask yourself when you are going through the major sort-through.

Before we get to the questions, let’s discuss why it is important to clear out your space before you move.

Why You Should Sort Through Your Things Before You Move

Less Money is Spent on Moving Materials.

This is a pretty common-sense reason, but the less stuff you have the less you will have to spend on boxes and organizing materials. It will also save you the time and energy of packing away things you know you really don’t want or need anymore.

Giving Your New Home A Better Start.

Listen, we’re not perfect, so we know that we all most likely have that one junk drawer… or even closet. But, moving is a great time to start fresh in your new space. Clearing out all unnecessary things will help you get your new place set up in a more organized way.

More Space In Your New Place.

Giving yourself the freedom of choice in your new place is a great feeling. Having more room to fill up your new home with new things that make you happy, will only make you enjoy your home that much more. If anything, if you do end up making the big pre-move clear out, go ahead and reward yourself with something nice in your new extra space!

Now that you can see the benefits of sorting through your stuff before you move, we can talk about how to decide what to keep versus what to toss out. Although, if your clean-out task is looking rather daunting, and you have more junk than you realized, think about renting yourself a dumpster! This is a great, convenient way to dispose of all of your junk at once. It will be right in the comfort of your own home, saving time and money on driving to the junkyard, and it will be out of sight, out of mind when you’re done with it!

What Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving

How Often Do I Really Use This?

It can be a little hard, to be honest with ourselves about how much we actually use the things in our space. But, a good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it in the past 6 months, it’s a safe bet that you won’t need it any longer.

Would I Buy This Again?

Think about if you really need this product. Ask yourself if you threw it out, would you end up buying it again? If the answer is yes, go ahead and add it to your “keep” pile, and if not, out it goes!


Do I Have Room For This In My New Space?

Even if you are upping in size for your new place, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily have room for it. Think about how practical it would be for this item to take up room in your new space. If you can’t see it adding to your life, or your home, say goodbye!

What Is The Value Of This Item?

We can all place different values on the same items. However, there are a few things that can make you think about how much it’s really worth. First, was it expensive? If the item in question was a big purchase for you, think about if you got good use out of it. If the answer is yes, and you want to get rid of it, selling it is always an option! Next, what is the sentimental value of the item? Now, we can all make up some kind of emotional value an object can have, but when you look at this thing, and it is not a direct reminder of something or someone important, hold on to the memory instead.

Will Someone Else Get More Use Out Of This Than I Would?

If you find yourself in a torn position, this is a simple trick to see if you need to hold onto this item. If you can think of two people who could get immediate and better use out of this item, you can go ahead and get rid of it, or give it to one of those people!

Again, moving can be both a scary and an exciting time. No matter the reasons, or the distance, allow yourself a fresh start no matter what. Start taking the steps to eliminate stress and clutter in your life, by taking control of your move.

If you need some professional assistance in removing your items, call us today to rent yourself a dumpster, where we bring them to you and take them away when you need them!

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