5 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Dumpster

If you are thinking about renting a dumpster for your home project or your company, you have come to the right place. While we make it an easy process to get your hand on a dumpster, there are some things you should consider before committing.

We are here to give you several questions to ask yourself before renting a dumpster. If you come up with more than the ones we have listed, we are happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

How much time do you need before the dumpster is delivered?

While you may be eager to get rid of your unwanted materials, you need to evaluate if you are ready for your dumpster to be delivered. If you are in the midst of your project, you may end up having to rent your dumpster for a longer period of time, which may at times be necessary, but can cost you more. Take a minute to think about when you will be ready for not only the delivery of the dumpster but that you have the time to start your loading!

How much of your materials can go into the dumpster?

Each dumpster rental company has its own set of rules and regulations as to what you can and cannot put into the dumpster. So, it is best to refer to the company website to see if what you are trying to get rid of, can be done. You may need to sort through your items beforehand to determine what you have before you rent.

What size do you need?

Depending on the size of your clean-up project, your dumpster needs will vary. It is a good idea beforehand to estimate how many materials you are going to be getting rid of, and see which dumpster size will be the best fit for you. Another consideration for sizing is to know how it will fit at your project site. Some dumpsters may be too large to fit where you need it to end up going.

Where will the dumpster go?

Going along with the sizing question, you need to know where the dumpster will be placed. Not all companies are vastly capable when it comes to dumpster placement. When you begin your project, make sure you check with your area regulations, such as your HOA, to see if you are allowed to place your dumpster where you need it.

How long do I need the dumpster?

Each project length will vary, so the length of time you will need your dumpster may vary from others. There are a few things to consider before confirming your dumpster for its allotted period of time. First, how big is your project? The larger the project, the more likely the longer it will take for you to use your dumpster. Next, how often are you working on your project? Even if the project is small, you may not have all the time to be loading up your dumpster. Feel free to call your dumpster rental company before you book, and see what they recommend!

Dumpster rental services are made to make your life more convenient and mess-free. But, getting the wrong dumpster for you and your project needs, can slow down your productivity, and even end up costing you more in the long run.

We at Dumpster Mule know that we might not be right for all projects, but we are here to help and support in any way we can. If you have more questions, refer to our website FAQ page, or call us today for more information.

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