Clear Your Space to Clear Your Mind

While it might be more subliminal to others, our space does affect how we think and feel. Whether your space is due for its spring cleaning, or you have been in somewhat of a mental funk, clearing out your space is good for your head and your home. Sometimes the hardest part of getting your home and head right is to just start.

There is a psychology to how the brain works in relation to its surroundings. When in new areas, or areas with suspected danger, we know that we can all feel a little unsettled. The same thought applies to a space you are not comfortable in. A messy space can make us feel all types of ways, but now we have compiled a list of the true benefits of clearing up and cleaning out your space.

But first, let’s start with the negative impacts a messy home can have on your mental health. While we all want to hear about the good, it’s important to know the bad too.

What Clutter Can Lead To

Several studies have shown that those who say their homes are messy and disorganized are more likely to feel tired and depressed. On another note, according to a study done at Princeton University, a messy space can lead to more people feeling unfocused, tensed, and or confused.

The clutter in your home can not only lead to a sore for the eyes but also a sore on the mind. We all have enough to deal with outside the home, so don’t let your space become a source of stress, and start your clean-out today.

While it can be as small and simple as putting away that clean laundry, you might have a bigger project on your hands than you would like to admit. If you find yourself in the position of needing to take on a bigger project, consider renting a dumpster to get rid of your junk quicker and easier than ever.

Fewer Distractions

Coming home is a time when you can forget about all the other things happening in your life. The last thing you want is constant reminders of what needs to be done in your own home. Studies have shown that it is hard for the mind to block out clutter. The more mess you have, the harder it is to compartmentalize, decreasing overall function. Giving your space good organizing will leave you feeling overall less distracted. Have more time to focus on your new Netflix show and what you’re going to have for dinner.

Higher Productivity

Sometimes all you need to do is agree to start. When you get the ball rolling by starting in one room, more often than not we find a sudden burst of energy to move to the next one. Getting up, moving, and organizing is great for both the mind and body. It’s also noted that when one is in an organized space, you’re in a more organized state of mind. Get on top of your other responsibilities, by getting on top of your space.

Less Stress

There’s no worse feeling than coming home to a mess your home is your safe space, so it should reflect just that. When you have a clean, organized space, it will be easier for you to enjoy it and destress from everything that is happening outside your home. Clutter-filled homes can also be a safety hazard. From falling over misplaced items to fires, eliminating the worry of your home is an added danger.

Stopping the Spread of Germs

After everything we have endured during a worldwide pandemic, staying healthy is at the top of our minds like never before. COVID or not, getting sick is not on anyone’s agenda. But, your messy home can be hurting you more than you think. The more stuff you have laying around, the more germs and allergens you are welcoming into your home. Keeping your body healthy, keeps your mind healthy. So, if you want to miss out on the seasonal cold, try putting down the medicine, and picking up your stuff.

You'll Feel Accomplished

When we take a step back and look at our hard work, it makes the blood sweat, and tears worth it. Take the same sense of pride in your home. Once you have taken the time to clean and organize your space, you’ll be surprised at your sense of accomplishment. This can be a great overall mood booster to see your efforts all pay off.

Look, no one can keep it together all the time. We know it can be hard to juggle your life outside of the home, let alone keep your home tidy and organized on top of it. But, in the end, getting your home together, will only aid in getting your mind and thoughts together. There is truth in the saying a “cluttered space is a cluttered mind”, so take your first steps today. Evaluate your wants and needs for your space, and get to work!

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